Think creative,
Create value

DAELIM D&I, a company that orients toward humans based on trust and belief

Capital letter in Sans Serif Logotype symbolizes company image which gives customers trust and belief.
Yellow square stands for DAELIM D&I's innovation, senses and light of creative architecture. Through the organic combination of logotype and yellow square, it represents DAELIM D&I's corporate philosophy dedicated to create innovative and best value.

Main Color

  • PANTONE 296 C
    C:100 M:73 Y:28 K:86
    R:4 G:28 B:44

  • PANTONE 3945 C
    C:3 M:0 Y:90 K:0
    R:239 G:220 B:0
Sub Color

  • PANTONE Cool Gray 1C
    C:4 M:2 Y:4 K:8
    R:217 G:217 B:214

  • PANTONE Cool Gray 2C
    C:5 M:3 Y:5 K:11
    R:208 G:208 B:206

  • PANTONE 425 C
    C:48 M:29 Y:26 K:76
    R:84 G:88 B:30

Color Usage

CI uses white background to express visual harmony and corporate image effectively.
When used as negative logo, main color pantone 296 C is to be used as background

  • Full Color
    Logo : PANTONE 296C, PANTONE 3945C
    Background : White
  • Gray Color
    Logo : Black, PANTONE Cool Gray 2C
    Background : White
  • One Color
    Logo : Black
    Background : White

  • Full Color
    Logo: White, PANTONE 3945C
    Background : PANTONE 296C
  • Gray Color
    Logo: White, PANTONE Cool Gray 2C
    Background : Black
  • One Color
    Logo: White
    Background : Black