Daelim D&I Company CEO message

New value
DAELIM D&I creates

High-level of environment DAELIM D&I dreams of

DAELIM D&I is ceaselessly innovating to create high-level of environment and meet the needs of our leading customers.
We are committed to realizing successful projects by providing integrated professional service on architecture from planning to construction.

A company that touches the heart of customers

DAELIM D&I conducts creative role to satisfy the customers. We promise to be the best company that touches the heart of our customers through the best designs, highest quality service and perfect post-management.

As a representative construction company in Korea, DAELIM D&I will exert its best effort with a goal to complete prestigious construction culture with best design and technology.

We are waiting for you now to meet the service of DAELIM D&I that takes its constant steps toward the satisfaction of customers and success of businesses through creative design processes, systematic research and survey and designs which arouse sensations.

DAELIM D&I's differentiated development service, which fits the conditions and characteristics of customers, supports and works for you with optimum system and professionals from early stage of project to post-management to increase your asset value and help your success in business.

DAELIM D&I Corp. CEO Lee, Hae Sung