Daelim D&I Company Company Introduction

Development &

DAELIM D&I provides integrated professional service for overall areas of development from early planning to construction management.
Our company is committed to creative designs, state-of-the-art technology and rearing talents as a representative design and development company in Korea.
We promise to ceaselessly innovate for higher level of environment and to meet the demands of our leading customers.

Company name DAELIM Development & Investment Co.,Ltd.
CEO Lee, Hae Sung
Type and category of business Real estate/real estate development, sales and lease
Retaining License Real estate development business - Seoul 080054 / Housing construction - Seoul 2008-0063
registration number
206 - 81 - 20622
registration number
Date of foundation May 26, 2005
Business location 20F, Parnas Tower, 521, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Tel 02-553-3483
FAX 02-553-3486
E-mail info@daelimdni.com

DAELIM D&I is a top developer with the highest value which focuses on excellent designs in all segmented markets in which the company is involved.

Based on valuable designs and perfect production management, we provide goods and services with values which improve customers' lives and realize high quality.

Our customers will compensate us with the highest value creation and profit, which will make all our company, employees and shareholders prosper.

Vision of the Company
Freewheeling and always innovative, Daelim D&I
Always innovative and unfettered from stereotypes, DAELIM D&I creates new values in real estate through opportunity spotting, land procurement, finance, design, construction, selling and post-management by making exact prediction and judgment on supply and demand in real estate market and potential of specific real estate, selecting appropriate technology and preparing optimal development plans.
Trustful and reliable company image
DAELIM D&I, which provides trust and belief, has been making concerted efforts for the development of differentiated products and construction with differentiated design based on its technology and experience. We promise to be a company which moves the heart of our customers by pursuing to be the best company and providing the highest quality of design and service as well as thorough post-management.
Organizational chart
Lee, Hae Sung
Board of

  • Business
    development team
    Business planning
    Development management

  • Design team

  • CM team
    Construction Management

  • Finance team
    Financial resources

  • Management Supporting team
    General management