Daelim D&I Business Real Estate development

New value creation on real estate

DAELIM D&I creates new values in real estate through opportunity spotting, land procurement, finance, design, construction, sales and post-management by making exact prediction and judgment on supply and demand in real estate market and potential of specific real estate, selecting appropriate technology and preparing optimal development plans.

Business Introduction

of land
DAELIM D&I selects optimum and best land based on judgment of development potential on integrated and organic basis;
DAELIM D&I pursues maximization of profit and value with integrated and systematic business management (PROJECT MANAGEMENT);
  • Maximizes profit with effective project management through integrated and systematic project management system from the early stage of development business.
  • Streamlines ordering and management organization and effectively manages business portfolio.
  • With well-managed controlling function, DAELIM D&I reduces overlapping works among various project personnel and coordinates interests from the beginning of project for consistent achievement of maximum value and profit.
  • DAELIM D&I manages time, cost and quality harmoniously and effectively and in integrated way.
  • DAELIM D&I reduces business expenses by introducing value engineering technique to all levels of project implementations.
After the completion of the projects, through perfect post-management, DAELIM D&I induces increased satisfaction on the product and pursue constant enhancement of company recognition.

Business Process

  1. Business Plan

    • Business Discovery
    • Market Analysis and Examination
    • Examination of Project Feasibility
  2. Planning and

    • Business Promotion and Organizing working group
    • Making and Handling Every Business Plan
    • Schedule management
    • Selecting Target Market
    • Strategy Consulting
  3. Development Strategy

    • BI Analysis and Composition
    • Selecting Operator
    • Selecting Architect
  4. Basic Planning

    • Concept Setting
    • Size Computation
    • Cash Flow Setting
  5. Licensing and Negotiation Support

    • Administrative Work including Licensing
    • Collecting Negotiation Strategy
    • Enforcement Agreement Examination and Consulting
  6. Investigation and Designing

    • Enforcement Design
    • Design Progress Management
    • Preliminary Investigation before Beginning of Construction
  7. Construction and Management

    • Setting Sales Plan
    • Sales Marketing
    • Model House Construction (If Necessary)
    • Handling Civil Affairs
  8. Selling and Follow-up Management

    • Selecting Sales Company and Management
    • Establishment of Marketing Strategy
    • Sales Management
    • Setting Management Operation Plan
    • Follow-up Management (A/S, Customer Administration)