Daelim D&I Business Joint development with landowner

Differentiated development method and perfect system

As a method to properly meet the increasing land development demand by effectively using limited land resources, the land owner(s) and DAELIM D&I which does not own (or partially own) land jointly develop the land.

Business Introduction
It is a joint land development method between the landowner who does not have specialized land development expertise & fund and DAELIM D&I without land (or partially own land) according to pre-agreed contract, which enables mutual benefit for both parties by combining land resource of the land owner and know-how (technology and fund) of DAELIM D&I.
Perfect system
DAELIM D&I satisfies each land owner with maximization of profits through differentiated development methods
  • Analyzes what consumers want
  • Analyzes profitability of project, planning, design and sales
  • Post-management
  • All legal affairs
Business Process
  1. 01 Advance Procedure
    Judgment of Landowner’s Property Value, Judging whether investment is good or not, Project Design by Own Design Team

    • Request and Consulting
    • Presentation of Document
      • Land Related Document
      • Designing and Document etc
    • Field
      • Examination of Licensing
    • Examination of Business Value
  2. 02 The way of Business Procedure
    Deciding the Direction of Business and Partner, Task Distribution, Deciding the way of Business (Building SPC or Trust)

    • Business Enforcement Consultation
    • Costing
    • Concluding an Agreement
    • Building Enforcement Corporate
      • Use Trust for the case of Joint Development
  3. 03 Business Enforcement
    Selecting Constructor and Licensing Work, Decision and Enforcement of Sales Strategy

    • Preliminary Decision Deliberation
      • Location Deliberation
      • Construction Deliberation
    • Contract for Construction Work
      • Construction Budget Decision
      • Responsibility Sharing
    • Approval for Project and Sales
      • Sale Price Decision
    • Building
      Model House
      • If Necessary
  • 04 Project Conclusion
    Project conclusion and Profit Distribution, Settlement Procedure, A/S and Follow-up Management, Building Management Contract etc.

    • Begin Construction and Sales
    • Completion and Preservation Registration
      • Terminate Trust
    • Charges Collect
    • Lift
      the Corporate
      • Project Conclusion